Joshua  +  Brittany

  We are wedding & lifestyle photographers based in Southern California. Our photography style is timeless, romantic, and fun. There are many authentic moments and amazing opportunities in our lives worth capturing. Were inspired by people and getting to know who they are. We love not only capturing the moments, but being in the moment. Whether it's a proposal, engagement, wedding, elopement, family gathering, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, newborn moments, or just a stroll through a new scenery, we strive to capture those exact moments we live for and look back at.

Brittany is the short, blonde with loads of energy. She has a love for fashion and color coordinates everything her closet (also by season). She has an obsession with cute videos of puppies and will want to tell and show everyone 'how cute that Golden Retriever puppy is'. Josh is always the life of the party. He loves to crack a joke whenever he can (be ready to take a good joke). He loves tacos and chips with lemon more than anything else. We have a love for Jesus and are engaged to get married! Yahoooooo! See below for more details about us and our story.

  We surely do have a radical love for people and their life stories. We spend a lot of our spare time volunteering in different ministries, organizations and finding ways to serve people. You can also find us venturing to new places to discover in this beautiful world.

Our Story  

It all started at Disneyland on November 21st 2016. Josh was a photographer working for Disney and Brittany was a guest that day. He was taking photos of a couple in front of Mickeys Fun Wheel when he then approached Brittany and her friend Kimberly. They hit it off right away with conversation about ministries they’ve been involved in. He wanted to ‘Make Some Magic’ so he got them on Tower of Terror- Lights Out. Right after, they connected via Instagram for Josh to come hangout after he got off work. They spent the evening going on rides and finishing it off with fireworks.
A week later Josh asked Brittany out on a date. The first date was ice skating and a city lookout to end the night. They’ve been inseparable ever since with creative dates, serving at church and Young Life together and the sweetest love for eachother.

Life Update

Fast forward to March 18th, 2018. This was the day both of their lives changed and made the first step into their forever. Brittany had her family in town from Arizona and they helped pull off the sneaky surprise. Her parents told her that they were going to a fancy dinner in celebration of Brittany finishing school and getting a new job. That same day, Josh was preparing the surprise of a lifetime in Rancho Palos Verde, CA. He set up decorations and anxiously waited for Brittany's arrival. He provided her parents with a map of where to go as they mentioned to her that they wanted to walk the trails before their dinner reservation. They posed for photos then Josh snuck up behind Brittany and greeted her with a kiss. She followed him down the cliffside where he had set up a quaint little spot. They both cried as Josh expressed his love and promises to her. He finally got down on one knee and popped the question. Brittany responding with a sobbing YES to be Mrs. Marroquin.